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Approach & Criteria

Bowen Fintech Plc aims to use its expertise in capital markets, M&A and fundraising to identify and acquire a suitable business or businesses in the technology innovation sector.


01. Financial services

Bowen Fintech is focusing mainly on identifying opportunities in the technology innovation sector, primarily related to financial services. Areas of interest include digital payment systems, trading platforms and related infrastructure.

02. Other sectors

The company will also consider technology that has significant applications for other industry sectors such as healthcare, cyber security, cleantech, artificial intelligence and specialty manufacturing.

03.  Revenue generating

In deciding on acquisitions, Bowen Fintech prefers businesses that are revenue generating, that have potential for attractive growth and offer a clear pathway to high-quality earnings.

04. Management controlled

Target businesses that are management-owned are preferable to the company in deciding on its acquisitions targets, ensuring easier alignment of management and shareholder interests.

05. SMEs

The company is focusing on small and medium sized enterprises where businesses are at inflection point, where Bowen Fintech can support with management expertise, is able to access innovate new products/services through its network or where the board can help drive improved performance or growth.

06. Unbounded global potential

For Bowen Fintech there are no geographical limitations. However, the company is initially concentrating on businesses located in the UK, Europe, Asia (including China), and the US.